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Samuel Johnson stated that "No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money," yet he knew that writing itself was justification for a writer’s toil.   Everything he himself wrote he would have written for free, for he also stated that “The purpose of a writer is to be read, and the criticism which would destroy the power of pleasing must be blown aside.”

Creation not profit drives writers, painters, and composers like dancers dance and singers sing—for expression not money.  For joy or sorrow.  From compulsion within.

I have a story to tell, many stories in fact.  I want them heard.

Soon I will publish the book on this website for free for those who cannot buy the book on Amazon,  but first I want to release a few stories that are not in book but which are representative of what you will find in the book.

The stories will be about life in prison, the experiences I had, and the men I knew there.

Most prison writing, movies and TV shows romanticize prisoners, but the vast majority of men in prison belong there because they are bad guys, some worse than you could imagine.

Two million men in America are in prison, yet not one was born to be there.  No infant or child was meant for prison; something bad happened. Once they were children waiting for Santa—that’s the happy picture. In another, it was beyond nightmares, a trash littered, drug infested room where sex of all kinds was practiced.

What brought them to prison--nature or nurture, God or Ghetto—doesn’t matter; they’re there, and while nearly 100% return to society, few return better than when they went in.

My prison stories of violence, gangs, sex, drugs, corrupt guards, and beatings are true; I saw them.  Some are funny, but all are tragic because prison is awful.  It is punishment, yet it rarely improves men. Too often it makes them worse.  Men who go to prison without criminal skills learn them quickly or fall prey to those who have mastered them.

For those who arrive with criminal skills, prison is graduate school where they earn an advanced degree.

I’m going to tell you about those men and the skills they taught me to survive.

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